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Mespack is based in Barcelona and is a Global supplier of horizontal form-fill-seal machinery for the production of 3 or 4 seal flat sachets and stand-up pouches with a wide range of options for re-closing pouches suitable for liquids, dry and component products.

Mespack has an extensive range of equipment for producing single sachets from the smallest model H-100 S which is a compact, flexible machine and is remarkable for its versatility, high efficiency and low cost through to the H-320 Quad machine that produces 4 sachets per machine stroke achieving up to 380spm.

The Mespack technology incorporates both simplicity and heavy duty construction, to enable maximum efficiency and minimum downtime. Flexibility is another key benefit; it is possible to make a wide range of different pack styles with minimum down time.

A sachet can have 3 or 4 seals as the folded bottom edge does not require a seal and allows a larger volume of product to be filled into the sachet and can provide a distinctive look to the pack.

The larger models have features such as:

  • Independent unwind system
  • Automatic adjustment control of seal jaw position
  • Cam driven walking beam
  • Static sachet stretching prior to sealing
  • Servo driven stroke indexing system via rollers
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