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Mpac Langen offer robust, well built machines, which are entirely servo driven and constructed in stainless steel. Designed around hygienic principles and with accessibility and ergonomics as a priority their machines offer fast, repeatable changeovers and high efficiency production. Machines are available in intermittent or continuous motion and in side load or top load configurations for a range of automatic applications. These machines are equipped with advanced HMI systems known as IMI (intelligent machine interface) offering options including:

  • Condition Monitoring - predicting upcoming maintenance needs up to six months ahead
  • Performance Monitoring – accurate data to enable continuous improvements
  • Video Instructions - training and instruction videos which are easily accessible
  • Mobile IMI - A website-app that shows production results and condition information direct to your mobile

Semi automatic, hand load machines are also available, as well as bespoke systems where an operator can work together with a collaborative robot to achieve the most flexible and adaptable option.


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