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Mespack is based in Barcelona and is a Global supplier of horizontal form-fill-seal machinery for the production of 3 or 4 seal flat sachets and stand-up pouches with a wide range of options for re-closing pouches suitable for liquids, dry and component products.

Mespack has an extensive range of equipment for producing single stand-up pouches at 80ppm through to high speed quad machines producing up to 380ppm.

There is a complementary range of machines designed to handle pre-made pouches, fed from a pouch magazine, for those applications where a pre-made pouch is preferred. The equipment can handle virtually any style of stand-up or flat pouch with corner spouts or zippers.

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  • Zipper or slide zipper insertion
  • Corner or top spout/cap inserting
  • Full or partial shape cutting of pouches
  • Pouches suitable for retort processing
  • Patented f-f-s production of 1 lit stand-up pouches at 140ppm
  • Pouch size change-over in less than 5 minutes via touch screen
  • Up to 5 filling stations for multi component products
  • ATEX protected
  • Bleach protected
  • Ultra clean version with film sterilisation
  • Ultrasonic sealing
  • Laminar flow cabinet

In addition there is a range of multi-lane vertical form-fill-seal machines for producing stick packs for liquids, dry products including multi-component products filled into the same stick. Equipment is available from 4 – 20 lanes with an output up to 1200 sticks per minute.

At the request of existing customers, the latest addition to the portfolio is multi-lane vertical form-fill-seal equipment for producing 4-seal flat sachets.

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