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Mespack is based in Barcelona and is a Global supplier of horizontal form-fill-seal machinery for the production of 3 or 4 seal flat sachets and stand-up pouches with a wide range of options for re-closing pouches suitable for liquids, dry and component products.

Mespack has an extensive range of equipment for producing single stand-up pouches at 80ppm through to high speed quad machines producing up to 250ppm.

The maximum size stand-up pouch that can be produced on an f-f-s Mespack machine is currently 570mm x 400mm + gusset in simplex (60ppm) and 285mm x 400mm in duplex (120ppm)

Human Machine Interface (HMI) is via a colour touch screen. This allows control of all functions of the machine, change fill dose, modify the temperature of specific seal bars, increase or decrease the speed of the machine as well as to obtain all production data, machine efficiency etc.

The larger models have features such as

  • Independent unwind system
  • Automatic adjustment control of seal jaw position
  • Servo driven change over system for forming plough
  • Cam driven walking beam
  • Pouch grippers engineered to hold up to 2kg
  • Static pouch stretching prior to sealing

With the growing demands of customers wanting to produce 1 and 2 litre liquid pouches, Mespack has developed a continuous motion machine HCM-320 FED able to produce 1 litre pouches at 140ppm and a larger model able to produce 2 litre pouches at 90ppm.

This system offers twice as much filling time compared with other H-F-F-S equipment and is achieved via:

  • Double reel unwinder with integrated Butler auto-splice system
  • Servo driven film traction with adjustable pressure control from the HMI
  • Patented mechanical or servo driven dual lane transport system
  • Mespack patented management system to allow adjustment of the pouch width via the touch screen in only 5 minutes
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