With coffee being so fashionable nowadays more and more varieties are being manufactured for our home consumption, the colourful pods we see in our homes and offices giving us our “coffee shop”experience is a prime example.

It is inevitable with production soaring that in manufacturing facilities worldwide there is a degree of waste brought about for a number of reasons, although everyone tries to work without “producing”waste- nobody will achieve this goal. An average of 2% ratio of waste is normal.

Leu-Tronic manufacture and supply a range of automatic product recovery machines that will rework faulty pouches, sachets, cartons, pods and other wrapped product packs in the event of returns, wrong coding, start-up waste, under/over filling, overdue Best Before Date’s etc.

The PACKSAVER range of machines takes away the need of intensive and costly manual operations involved in these scenarios, a recent example supplied to Sara Lee to take their waste coffee pods, cleanly separating the coffee from the pod. The particular machine supplied handling between 6000 - 8000 capsules per hour, although the range of machines can work with larger or smaller volumes.

With excellent separation results the manufacturer has the possibility of reworking this cleanly separated product back into production mixing with “fresh”coffee at a ratio of approximately 5%, or alternatively sending to 3rd parties for animal feed for example.

Systems supplied consist of automatic hydraulic container lifting/emptying device, auger indeed system with storage hopper, size appropriate mesh size, discharge auger to transport the unpacked coffee into a container and discharge conveyor to transport the emptied capsules into a container. 

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