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After another fantastic year of business for UK Springvale Equipment Ltd they return again to this year’s PPMA Show with their partners Mespack & Langen to promote the very latest technology these two companies can offer.

Mespack are unique in being able to offer f-f-s equipment for sachets, stick packs and pouches together with pre-made pouch solutions; chosen around the world by some of the largest organisations as their single source supplier; Mespack is currently building 4 lines for the UK market.  UK orders in the last 12 months are for a diverse range of products from whey proteins, pet food, coffee, ketchup, soft drinks through to dishwasher pods.

Mespack will be presenting some exciting developments including in-line laser cutting of shaped pouches, giving a truly flexible machine for companies looking to create individual designed pouches without a huge investment in tooling.

Mespack has just delivered a 6-up f-f-s solution for stand-up pouches inserting a top spout with choke-proof cap producing between 300 and 360 pouches pre minute utilising a servo-motorized pouch transfer system to guarantee precision and accuracy while reducing product and film waste. It’s especially designed for high volume production of pouches with top spout whilst meeting the safety cleanliness and performance needs of the baby food Industry.

The fully servo range of stick pack machines from 4 – 18 lanes will achieve up to 75 cycles per minute when filling 12ml of products such as ketchup.  They are designed under TPM standards, meeting the needs of sophisticated producers while being easy to operate, adjust and maintain.  Now complemented by a range of flat sachet vertical multilane machines for 4 seal sachets available from 4 and 14 lanes. Both style vertical machines are ideal for granules, powders and liquids and are used in pharmaceutical, food, and home & personal care sectors.

The Dutch manufacturer Langen renowned in the packaging industry for providing cartoning solutions for more than 60 years, has developed its latest benchmark in hygienic cartoning, known as the MAESTRO.

This new continuous motion state of the art system is designed to handle a large range of product/carton combinations with speed capability up to 500 cartons per minute including larger cartons up to 320mm x 370mm.  It can easily handle a wide variety of applications – stick packs, flow wraps, pouches - and tailored solutions to suit products and cartons that require careful handling, collation and organising incoming product from up-stream equipment.

The MAESTRO is completely servo driven with open stainless steel construction. The machine provides the fastest changeovers for increased production time along with superb hygiene, ergonomics, performance, accessibility, low maintenance and final product quality.

The HMI focuses on ease of navigation for the operators & maintenance personnel with on-screen videos to assist maintenance and changeovers.

Langen can provide integrated labelling, laser coding, camera/scanning systems for verifying codes on cartons, labels, leaflets and products and solutions for “late stage customization”

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