UET manufacturers of the compact cartoning machine have the answer to many manufacturing and packaging companies requirements - a machine that gives ultimate flexibility.

Based on a rotary system  the very latest Compact 5, is suitable for pharmaceutical companies and contract packers who are often finding themselves with many different product lines needing packing. 

The Compact 5, can be specified with manual or automatic product feeding units.  Integration of hot melt and tuck in closing on separate stations enables many carton formats to be run within its large size range either independently or as a combination thereof.

The machine frame measuring just 1.5m x 1.8m, can be specified to incorporate a fully automated leaflet inserter for user information, printing systems and particularly important for pharmaceutical packaging  all current, reputable systems (Antares, Laetus, OCS, Optel, PCE etc.) for serialization and track & trace can be integrated seamlessly.

In addition with up to  5 available loading stations if required, this can prove a huge benefit to applications requiring multiple components for example.

What makes UET's machines so special is their quality, compact design, robustness and flexibility, thanks to the universally adjustable size star Stella 68. This patented size star system whilst offering a large size range, reduces change-over time to approx. 20 minutes. The perfect solution for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry.

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