Large stand-up pouches of confectionery products have been a familiar product on the shelves in duty free shops for some time but the convenience and attractive presentation of the stand-up pouch is making in-roads into the retail sector. This presentation differentiates the product from typical pillow pack formats usually hung up in store using a top seal euroslot and provides a niche for high quality confectionery to be displayed maximising the brand image.

Mespack, represented in the UK by Springvale Equipment Ltd, has supplied many machines for this growing sector with the choice of using a pre-made pouch fed via a magazine or forming the pouch from the reel (form-fill-seal) with the option to add a zipper closure.

One such iconic brand is Jelly Bean who has 2 x Mespack f-f-s machines capable of producing flat and stand-up pouches from 80mm x 100mm up to 270mm x 300mm which has a maximum volume of 2000cc.


Another advantage of the stand-up pouch is the large opening makes it perfect for those “sharing” moments which marketing departments are very focused on for confectionery and snacking products:

Doypack with zipper Stand up pouch with euroslot

Mespack has also added vertical multi-lane stick pack machinery to their range and with the ability to run “sticks” (pillow packs) of 115mm x 170mm in a 4 lane format at speeds of 240ppm or sticks of 90mm x 150mm in a 6 lane format at 360ppm. This technology is a cost effective way to produce single serving portions of confectionery/dried fruit/nuts etc. The machine footprint is similar to a typical twin tube pillow pack machine but with a much higher output:

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