Costs plummet with fast filling of lightweight bottles

Dynamic company, Pack’R, manufactures weigh filling equipment for “wet” products. A huge market in the UK for Pack’R has been the high speed packing of edible oils particularly the higher value oils where the repeatable accuracy of fill delivers a significant annual saving.

The latest design incorporates a small pressurised tank to replace the traditional large product tank that you find on most weigh filling machines; it is easier to clean between products and as the pressure is variable it means higher viscous products such a mayonnaise can be filled on the same machine as liquid products and there is no loss of performance at the end of the batch.

The fastest edible oil machine built by Pack’R which has 45 filling heads and 15 capping heads, packs at a staggering 400 x 1 lit bottles per minute. The significant thing about this machine is it runs an incredibly light weight PET bottle weighing only 18g and in order to handle such a light bottle the Pack’R machine puts a drop of liquid nitrogen into each bottle which stabilises the bottle during filling which otherwise would collapse during the handling process.

As a traditional 1 litre oil bottle weighs 22- 24g you can understand how this technology can create a huge saving in PET to a company wanting to “light weight” their own bottle.

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