The MAESTRO™ continuous motion cartoner from Langen represents a new standard in the packaging industry. It is designed for operational efficiency, accessibilty, quiet operations and end product quality.

  • MAESTRO™ comes standard with all of the seven recognized key principles for hygienic secondary packaging. This makes it easy for manufacturers to meet their increasingly stringent hygiene regulations at a lower cost.
  • MAESTRO™ is designed for single as well as multiple infeed solutions providing flexibility, and readiness for future production expansion. These include:
    • Bomb bay infeed for stick packs, bags and pouches
    • Starwheel infeed for bags and pouches
    • Delta robots in combination with linear servo pack infeed for flow wrapped product
    • Overhead infeed systems for various products
    • Inline smart belt conveyors for various products
  • MAESTRO™ is a high performance machine capable of running at over 500 cartons per minute. Size changeovers and kickers are fully servo controlled. Standard three dimensional changeovers are possible within minutes.
  • The frame is fully made of stainless steel with easy access full sized doors for optimal accessibility and easy entry.

The MAESTRO™ is the latest innovation in packaging technology from an acknowledged industry leader in developing new concepts for driving greater process efficiency for manufacturers. It is a natural next step to set a new standard in cartoning equipment.


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