Pack’R are a specialist manufacturer of Weights and Measures approved weigh filling equipment for liquid and viscous products filling into containers/pails from 0.5lit up to 30 lit, offering automatic solutions for screw caps, push-in plugs and pail lids.

During the last 18 months, Pack’R has developed bespoke machines designed for specific customers who want to minimise down time between product changes by having a double tank solution with 2 sets of filling nozzles.  This design totally eliminates any chance of product contamination and saves time and reduces effluent production as there is no need to CIP between products as the manufacturer can select the 2nd tank/nozzle set and immediately start filling the next product.  

The model shown below is from their Compact range with a maximum output of 40 x 5 litre containers per minute (buckets or jerry cans).


Additionally Pack’R have a high speed range of monobloc filler/cappers, following a request where the customer was to have a double tank/nozzle assembly, but in this case they fill one product from one product tank and nozzle set, whilst the 2nd tank and nozzle set is in CIP mode, for example 12 x filling stations with 24 filling heads and 4 x screw capping heads).  This particular size machine will fill 120cpm on 1 litre and 60cpm on 5 litres.


These solutions can be offered for more challenging products such as bleach where the machine requires special corrosion protection and contact parts. 

ATEX protection is another key area for Pack’R with many references in the market filling flammable products.

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