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For the clean separation of product from its wrapping material Leu-Tronic manufacture and supply a range of automatic product recovery machines that will rework faulty pouches, sachets, cartons, pods and other wrapped product packs in the event of returns, wrong coding, start-up waste, under/over filling, overdue Best Before Date’s etc.

Faulty, rejected packs are inevitable in the production environment; the PACKSAVER range of machines takes away the need of intensive and costly manual operations involved in these scenarios.

Faulty packs are fed automatically into the PACKSAVER, unique to Leu-Tronic adjustable rotating rails separate the packing material from the product and with additional features, achieves maximum separation results. The product can then be reprocessed or fed directly back into the packaging system.

Suitable for both food and household products:- sugar, coffee, tea, crisps, chocolate bars, chewing gum, sweets, biscuits, wafers, bread, drinking powders, diet powders, raisins, nuts, flour, soup powders, vegetables, detergent tablets, dish washer tablets, teeth cleansing tablets are just some of the applications seen to date.

Capacity of each machine is determined by the pack size, product condition and weight. A guide can be seen below.

MINI Approx 4800 sachets This manually fed smaller unit can be synchronised with an inline packaging machine seeing “real time” recovery. Only for powdered products in sachets/stick packs
JUNIOR 10,000 –12,000 sugar pouches
15,000 -20,000 wrapped sweets
20,000-25,000 teabags
6,000 – 8,000 chocolate bars
up to 600kg ground coffee
Can collect rejects from up to 3 packing lines. Available with auger infeed device. Storage hopper capacity - 200ltr
JUMBO 45,000 – 50,000 teabags
Up to 1,400 kg coffee beans
Up to 500kg biscuits
For higher volumes the JUMBO PACKSAVER comes with a larger 500ltr storage hopper

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