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Feige GmbH is a world class company specialising in electronic weigh filling equipment for containers from 5kg - 1500kg with a major part of the business being 200kg drums. With over 4000 installations since the company was started by Mr. Feige in 1972 the company is now part of the major Haver & Boecker Group.

The equipment meets with the UK Weights & Measures legislation avoiding the need to check weigh filled containers.

Feige has a large range of equipment to suit every size of project and budget, typically containers can be processed individually or on pallets with options to automatically cap/bung/lid drums/containers as part of the filling process, complemented with automatic de-palletising and palletising options for a full turnkey service.

Feige Pallet Filling
Feige Pail Filling
Feige Drum Filling
Feige Can Filling

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