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Pack’R is an established supplier of weigh filling/capping machines for liquids and viscous products specialising in the container range 500ml up to 30 litres.

Established markets include agrochemicals, oils, household chemicals, paint, food products, drinks concentrate and other high value products where a consistent accuracy of fill is essential.

  • Superb repeatable accuracy
  • Option for net weigh filling
  • Tool free container/cap change parts
  • Patented “clean & play” fully automatic fast CIP
  • Minimum effluent created during CIP process
  • Pressurised product tank for a wide range of viscosities
  • ATEX approved
  • Laminar flow cabinet
  • Nitrogen purging
  • Ultraclean option for food & dairy products
  • Automatic removal of dust cap before filling
  • Weights & Measures approved scales
  • Brushless electric motor capping with torque control suitable for ATEX
  • Leak control after capping
  • Turnkey line management

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